Rightsify provides a one-stop worldwide license for business background music. Tune into over 250,000 songs and be sure that you are playing music legally.

The modern music company

Rightsify operates as a music streaming service for businesses that is available globally and includes all licensing rights needed for a business to legally play music.

With over 300 artist members, it works via direct licensing and partners with independent artists and then provides their music to brands via curated and custom playlists and ensures that artists get paid every time their music is played.

Music licensing

Rightsify includes 100% of the copyright with our service. By playing Rightsify’s music you will not have to pay license fees to any performance rights organizations anywhere in the world.

Music design

Choose from over 150 expertly curated playlists and 250,000 songs. Rightsify have music for any kind of business, brand, activity or public space.

Easy to use

Just press play once and done. Play from any device and staff won’t have to change or modify the music mid-day. Offline mode included.

Artist Direct

Rightsify's music comes from independent artists and rights holders. Scouting the globe looking for unique and innovative music that works well in business settings.


Rightsify is available everywhere. All music is licensed for the entire world so whether you are a restaurant in Europe, a café in the US or a hotel in Asia.


All Rightsify's music are license from independent rights holders which enables businesses to save up to 50% on their annual music licensing costs.

Trusted and Loved by

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Rightsify provides music to thousands of businesses in more than 120 countries across the globe. Every day our music is experienced by over 3 million people across all facets of life. From cafes to shopping malls, hotels, spas, fitness centers, restaurants, train stations, airports, international flights and more. Rightsify provides the soundtrack to everyday life.

Rightsify Pays Directly To Artists

Rightsify distributes its members music widely, so artists can monetize
their music in public spaces anywhere in the world.

Our aim is to modernize the public performance licensing system by connecting music users that need music to play in their business with independent rights holders that can easily collect royalties when their music is played in public. By doing this, we are able to provide music users a more cost-effective music license while enabling rights holders to get accurately paid every month for royalties they most likely wouldn’t have been paid otherwise.