Quantifying the value of Aural Architecture - the human experience of sound-in-space.

I'M Jasmine moradi

Serial Entrepreneur & Sound Scientist working towards increasing the value of music
so that artists receive the fair share of the economics value they create in our society.​

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Sound is the
hidden art of
brand storytelling

With mismatched sound, space evokes mental disorders.
However, without sound, a space feels storyless.
With mismatch sound, a Brandspace is misunderstood.

– Jasmine Moradi 

Serial Entrepreneur

When there is no solution, I will create it. Five startups and counting. 


Six groundbreaking research reports. 


Mirac music conference 2017, The Smart Conversations Mexico 2019 and Stockholm Chamber of Commerce 2017.

"Increasing the value of music through scientific research is the passion and mission of my life".

Jasmine Moradi is the Founder & CEO of SpaceSonology – a company where art & science meet to design Aural Architecture. 

Her interest in in-store music flourished when she started studying Retail Management at Stockholm School of Economics and after having worked 15 years in the event industry around Europe. She asked herself, “Music is an important part of creating the atmosphere at events and in the movies, but how come it is not seen as important in commercial spaces, in healthcare or at workplaces?”

Her research journey began in 2015 when she for four years worked as the Head of Research at Soundtrack Your Brand the world’s leading B2B streaming music service providing mood-based soundtracks.

Her uniqueness is that she has one foot in the research world and the other in the business world, with the skill to translate research results into business intelligence. She has through the years developed a scientifically proven aural architecture research methodology.

She is known for being the force and leader of four top world research projects,

She has also been the Research Director for FuturePulse, a EU Horizon 2020 research project of behalf of Soundtrack Your Brand.

Her mission is to keep researching the value of Aural Architecture and to educate brands around the world about the value of strategically working with brand-fit music in every space; in every space; commercial, health or work.

Her vision is to increasing the value of music so that artists receive the fair share of the economic value they create in our society and to heal the world through music. 

Designing space for our ears

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