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At SpaceSonology we quantify the value of Aural Architecture, the human experience of sound-in-space, by scientifically conducting offline and online data-driven marketing measurements.

Audio ROI by testing your brand-fit music and soundscapes against your brand perception, customer behavior and store experience.

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Groundbreaking in-store music research featured in 150 + articles

Wall street journal

What do we do?

At SpaceSonology we quantifying the value of
Aural Architecture - the human experience of sound-in-space.
We actively considering how to scientifically incorporate sound
into the spaces where people move and work.

“Sound is the hidden art of brand storytelling. With mismatched sound, space evokes mental disorders. However, without sound, a space feels storyless. With mismatch sound, a brandspace is misunderstood.”​

Sound Scientist Jasmine Moradi

How do we do it?

Jasmine Moradi’s scientifically proven Sonology methodology helps CMOs quantify the human experience of sound-in-space.

Your space’s Aural Architecture Diagnostic will show the affective, cognitive, and behavioral effect of the brand-fit music and soundscapes which can be applied to maximize the customer experience.

The return of the aural architecture research investment will attract more loyal customers, offer a positive store experience, reduce advertising costs and increase sales.

Sonology Methodology

Jasmine Moradi is industry experts in conducting offline and online in-store music measurements.
Our Aural Diagnostic provide an objective view over what your spaces sounds like.

Aural Diagnostic

Analysing and validating your SpaceSound by evaluating your companies brand identity, space flow, staff and customer brand perception.

Qualitative User Research

Conducting in-depth interviews with your staff and customers, both In-store and online.

In-Store Music Research

Designing and conducting scientifically in-store music research according to our proven research methodology.

Sound Design Implementation

Curating sound and music according to your BrandSound by professional sound designers.

Quantitative User Research

Survey design, data collection and advanced analysis with your staff and customers, both in-store and online.

Sonic Brand Analysis

Designing, measuring and validating your Sonic DNA against your emotional brand strategy to maximize brand-fit impact.


Commercial spaces

Healthcare spaces


We walk the space to Discover the actual perception and impact of your SpaceSound in your marketplace.

Our Sonology holistic analysis let you audit and evaluate brand sound from an all dimensional point of view. Understand how your brand sounds like and maximize the impact by combining your brand identity and brand image. Recognize which moods, emotions and attributes your current use of sound conveys by asking your employees and customers and looking at your sales data. We analyze your brand sound in-detail using our comprehensive proven sound methodology in every space; commercial, health or workplace.

What does your brand sound like?

World's biggest groundbreaking
music research

Our in-store music studies are by far the biggest
scientifically proven research on the subject to date.
Published in Journal of Retailing and Consumer Services

- Jasmine Moradi, Sound Scientist

The effects of background music on staff and sales

Sven-Olov Daunfeldt, Jasmine Moradi,
Hampus Poppius, Niklas Rudholm & Christina Öberg

Effects of employees’ opportunities to nfluence in-store music at Filippa K

Sven-Olov Daunfeldt, Jasmine Moradi,
Hampus Poppius, Niklas Rudholm & Christina Öberg

Data-driven song recognition

Christos Koutlis, Manos Schinas, Vasiliki Gkatziaki,
Symeon Papadopoulos & Yiannis Kompatsiaris

The hidden value in music for business

Soundtrack Your Brand,
Nielsen and
Jasmine Moradi

Effects of employees’ opportunities to
influence in-store music at Filippa K

Sven-Olov Daunfeldt, Jasmine Moradi,
Hampus Poppius
& Niklas Rudholm

What does your brand sound like?

Jasmine Moradi &
Gabriella Johansson


Follow previous in-store music researches' hypothesis, methodology and questionnaires to measure the pulse of your SoundSpace.